Kids & Strangers Child Safety DVD
“Kids & Strangers (and Acquaintances)” DVD – We have sold tens of thousands of these DVDs at full price. ($10 – 20.00 Plus S&H). Now for a limited time we have a special FREE offer for members of, and departments of, law enforcement, schools, religious groups, family agencies, organizations, municipal departments, public officials, safety officers, scouts, unions, after school groups and other non-commercial entities.
* Through this limited time offer, and grant, the “Kids & Strangers (and Acquaintances)” DVD is free, subject only to a $3.65 S & H charge per unit. There is a minimum of three – maximum twelve. Use it for in-house teaching and parent circulation and lending.

Kids & Strangers DVD


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Full Length 60 minute DVD Includes:

Part I – Empowering Children(6-10 year olds)

  • Going to School ~ The Playground ~ Home Alone ~ Who is a Stranger? ~ Early Internet Safety.
  • Kid Escape ~ The “Grip, Dip & Spin” technique for breaking free from an abductor.

Part II – Texting , Talking and Internet Predators(11-18 year olds)

  • Actual teen experiences, 911 calls operator interviews.

Part III – Parent Tips, Family Talk and Walk(Parents)

  • What parents need to know and do.

Order your personal copies of the child safety DVD project that shows trainers, parents and children how to avoid child molestation, internet stalking and abduction by strangers and acquaintances.

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