Kids & Strangers Child Safety DVD

Who can sell Kids & Strangers to raise funds?

Any appropriate person or organization, including Parent Teacher organizations, local community groups, individuals, businesses and so on.
How can we raise funds with Kids & Strangers?
You sell it for the suggested retail price of $10.00, and buy it from us in quantity at volume discounts, bulk delivered to you.  Call for pricing. 310-459-0420

If you are a community organization, you can sell Kids & Strangers DVDs in the same way that Scout cookies are sold – you take orders from community members for the DVD and collect $10.00 payment per copy. You then buy the DVDs in volume packs from us and you deliver the DVDs to the people you have sold them to.

Make money through your website
You can place a link to Kids & Strangers on your website. For each DVD that is purchased by someone who came to us from your website, you will receive a substantial donation. This does not apply to volume pack purchases.
To use Kids & Strangers as a fundraiser CONTACT US.

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